Scheduled Closures

Every month, Caltrans performs regular maintenance of the 405 Express Lanes. On the scheduled maintenance day, the Express Lanes are closed in both directions between the hours of 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. to ensure that proper cleaning and channelizer replacements can be made.

2024 Schedule


Friday 1/12/2024


Friday 2/9/2024


Friday 3/8/2024


Friday 4/5/2024


Friday 5/3/2024


Friday 6/21/2024



Friday 7/19/2024


Friday 8/23/2024

Postponed Maintenance

In the event of rain or other circumstances beyond our control, the scheduled maintenance may be postponed until the following week. However, the next maintenance will be performed according to the regular schedule.

Our Commitment

We thank you for your patience while this routine maintenance is being performed on the Express Lanes. It is our commitment to you, our customer, to always provide you with a fast, safe, reliable commute, and maintaining the high standard of the Express Lanes is just one way we strive to keep our promise.