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Congestion Management Pricing

The 405 Express Lanes will use congestion management pricing. This type of pricing was pioneered on the 91 Express Lanes, also operated by OCTA. Congestion management pricing is designed to optimize express lanes traffic at free-flow speeds. To accomplish this OCTA monitors hourly traffic volumes. Tolls are increased when traffic volumes consistently reach a trigger point where traffic flow can become unstable. If traffic drops below the optimal traffic volume, tolls are lowered to encourage usage. The tolls can vary by hour, day of the week and direction of travel. Traffic volumes are continuously monitored and if warranted, tolls are adjusted quarterly. This approach balances traffic engineering with good public policy and gives customers an opportunity to know the toll price before they make their trip.

OCTA’s toll rate adjustments are guided by its toll policy. The toll policy is available below in PDF format.

Signs at each entry point display toll rates for travel on the entire 14 miles of the 405 Express Lanes. The rate displayed at the time of entry is the price charged. Current toll rate schedules are available for easy reference and travel planning.

Three Ride Free

Three Ride Free encourages carpooling by allowing a group of three or more commuters per vehicle to travel the 405 Express Lanes for free.

To receive the carpool discount, motorists must have a valid FasTrak® account with a properly mounted FasTrak® Flex switchable transponder.

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